I would like to offer you my heartfelt thanks for choosing me to carry out the very special task of photographing your beautiful bundle of joy. There’s nothing I love more than capturing the perfect, sweet innocence of a newborn baby, and seeing the joy on your faces in those moments is priceless! I put a lot of thought and a great deal of heart into what I do, and I want to make sure that your experience with my studio is a blissful, safe, and memorable one. With that in mind, here are some things to consider for your newborn photo session.

In order to capture those beautiful sleeping shots, we ask that you interact with the baby in the hours leading up to the shoot so that they will easily fall asleep once they get into the studio. This way we can capture those sleeping shots first and shots of them awake thereafter. If you live within 15-20 minutes of the studio, we ask that you feed your baby right before leaving the house. If you live further, it’s best to feed your baby once you arrive at the studio. A full belly will help baby feel relaxed and most importantly sleepy.

The session may seem busy. And because newborns are unpredictable (I can’t exactly ask them to pose this way, keep their diaper dry, be awake at this time and asleep the next, etc.) your session may not look exactly as you saw it in your head. Please know that by the end of your session, I will provide you with beautiful images. What you see the day of the session is not the final product. I am also a professional editor and have many tricks up my sleeve in the post processing department. If you need more assurance, please feel free to check out my portfolio.

I am committed to offering an experience full of joy and wonder as we work together to craft stunning images of your little miracle. Let's make magic happen!