Your maternity session is scheduled, now it’s time to prepare so you can enjoy the process! There are 5 things we recommend bringing to your maternity session to make it smooth and fun.

Outfits - This may seem obvious, but you’re going to need any and all outfits you plan on wearing during your photography session. Take into consideration whether or not you will be changing outfits at all and make sure you pack the entire outfit! Don’t forget about any specific undergarments, shoes and accessories to complete the look. Let us know if you'd like to use one of our gowns! We have a selection of maternity gowns at the studio that you are more than welcome to use for your session.

Water and Snacks - To keep the photography session running smooth, we highly recommend packing some snacks and water to bring along with you. This way if you get hungry or thirsty throughout, you will be able to take a little break to regain some energy as needed.

Makeup- Even if you’re planning on getting your makeup done professionally for your photos, we encourage expecting mothers to bring makeup with them in case minimal touch ups are needed at all. No need to bring your entire makeup collection, just the products necessary for your makeup look that day.

Props - Think ultrasound photos! If props are a part of your maternity photo shoot then you won’t want to forget to bring them. We suggest packing any and all props the day before your session so that you don’t have to worry about rushing around to find them the morning of.

Your Family- This only applies to you if your maternity photos are set to include any of your current family members. Make sure everyone is on board and has it in their schedule so there isn't any mix up that day.