What to Wear for your Maternity Session

These are some of the things that I considered when planning for my very own maternity session. My partner, an avid nature and wildlife photographer, agreed to take a few shots for me to edit. I think he did an incredible job! Just take a look at the photo above. That's ME!

Here's a link to his facebook page so you can see his work https://www.facebook.com/andrewgeorgephotography.

So here are 4 things to consider when planning what to wear for your session:

Solids are best -- Patterns and prints are fun to wear throughout your pregnancy, but they don’t always work for photography because they tend to overwhelm. Instead, we suggest wearing solid colors for your maternity photo session. When choosing the color(s) to wear, this is where you can have fun. Just make sure the color is flattering with your personal coloring and works well with the location/background. It can be really fun to select colors based upon the season your photos are being taken in, to really portray the time of year.

Choose form fitting pieces -- We know it can be challenging (and tempting!) to wear oversized clothes while your body is changing throughout your pregnancy, but it’s best to avoid them for your photography session. Why? Because it’s easy to get lost and look overwhelmed by clothes that are very flowy on the body. Stick with clothes that fit closer to the body so your bump is the highlight!

Define your bump -- Your maternity photos are all about celebrating this extremely special time in your life. That’s exactly why you will want to dress in a way that defines your bump. There are a few ways you can achieve this. First, wearing something that fits close to the bump. Second, add a belt right above the bump. This will bring a lot of focus to that area of your body.

What your partner should wear -- Avoid Matchy-Matchy – Choose Mom’s outfit FIRST, to help with this. We recommend styling your partner's outfit to compliment so their look doesn’t overpower or distract. Focus more on styling the outfits to coordinate rather than be overly matchy.

Overall, keep in mind that simplicity is usually best!