It's best to plan outfits and props well in advance and with your photographer, so that everything is ready to go on the day of the shoot. This saves everyone time and allows for a more organized, stress-free approach. Once we know what outfits/special items you plan on bringing, we will have a idea as to what sets, props, and items we need to have on hand. The better prepared we are, the smoother our shoot will be. Clothing with zips or snaps are ideal as they're easily removable and can be interchanged with other outfits during the shoot without waking your baby. If you will be incorporating unclothed shots into your shoot, be prepared for the fact that baby will more than likely pee or poo without their diaper on. Not to worry though, we encourage parents to bring a few different outfits along for the day. Opt for clothing that is simple and choose solid colours. When choosing clothing keep in mind that the studio is maintained at a pleasant 80-85 degrees so that baby is comfortable.