No photo is worth putting your wee one in harm’s way, and that’s why we are extremely mindful of newborn safety.

At some points in the shoot, we may ask assistants or a parent/family member to assist by holding the baby, etc. This is because sometimes the perfect shot requires an extra hand or two in order to prioritize safety of the baby. We know those intricately posed shots are adorable, but achieving them can be tricky, and often unsafe. Photographers are only human, and we only have two hands (which are usually on the camera!) so for safety’s sake, when taking shots that include baskets, buckets, posed hands under the chin, we like to have a family member or assistant either just outside the shot, or even with their hand on the baby (which will of course be edited out later). We are also careful to ensure the baby is warm enough, comfortable, and has good circulation throughout the shoot. We’ve been doing this a long time - you and your bundle are in good hands!