Once your personal brand photoshoot is over, it’s all about using your gorgeous new photos to your advantage. If you use them right, you’ll be able to turn those photos into a larger audience, new clients, and more sales. Here are some of the best ways to use your photos to really get your money’s worth:

Your Website - Once you’ve received the digital files from your session, use them to give your website a facelift. They’ll help anyone who visits your site connect with you and feel like they know you a little better. After all, people want to work with people they trust and feel a personal connection with.

On Social Media - Share your photos on social media to grow your audience and keep the likes and engagement rolling in. You’ll get a lot of great photos back from your photoshoot, so use that as an opportunity to post more content more often. Also, personal brand photos make great profile pictures! It’s important to update your profile photos and keep them looking fresh.

Brochures and Marketing Material - Think beyond the screen! Put together printed brochures using your personal brand photos. Then, leave them in local businesses, bring them to in-person client meetings, and keep a few handy in case you ever run into a potential client. (You can always post the downloadable file on your website, too!)

Business Cards - Who says business cards have to be boring? Choose one of your best personal brand photos to feature on your business card. It’ll help you really stand out. Plus, it’ll help your new contacts always be able to put a face to your name!