You have your look, you have chosen your photographer, and you have booked your photo session. Now what? How do you ensure that your headshots reflect the vibe you want, are of high quality, and will help you stand out from the crowd? These are five characteristics of a great headshot. If you stick to these simple rules, you will leave your session with headshots you love.

1.    Clean and simple- The goal of a headshot is to show who you are in a professional manner. The best way to do this is to keep your headshots clean and simple, with nothing to distract from you.

2.    Confidence and approachability- Visibly showing off your personality in your headshot demonstrates self-confidence, which automatically leads other to feel confident in you as well.

3.    Smile with your teeth- and your eyes! This goes without saying, but real smiles radiate a genuine vibe that will attract your audience.

4.    Personality over glamour- Make sure your headshots look like you. Do not overdo it with the makeup, hair, or clothing. Just be unapologetically you.

5.    Conservative colours- By wearing conservative colors, the focus stays on you, your smile, and your personality.

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