Timing is always important to consider when it comes to photography, especially when children are involved. Timing can be the difference between a frustrating session and an enjoyable, memorable photoshoot. So when is the best time to have your family photo session?

During Pleasant Weather

If you’re planning on having an outdoor photoshoot, try to schedule it during pleasant weather. If it’s too hot outside, you might all feel sweaty and uncomfortable. If it’s too cold, your kids might complain — and their irritation will likely show through in photos. No matter the season, just be sure to plan accordingly. Bring plenty of layers if it’s cold outside, and wear breathable fabrics if it’s warm.

After A Meal

Make sure children (and adults!) are well-fed before the photoshoot. If they’re hungry, they might start to get a little antsy and cranky. If you’re planning on going to dinner after the photoshoot, give your kids a healthy snack before the session and pack along a few extra snacks just in case.

Whenever Your Kids Are Well Rested

Nothing makes kids grouchy and uncooperative like being tired. Be sure that your family photoshoot doesn’t interrupt any of your kids’ naptime or bedtime routines.

During The "Golden Hour"

The best time for natural lighting is either two hours before sunset or two hours after sunrise. However, if neither of those times are ideal for your children, let your photographer know. Experienced photographers can shoot beautiful photos at any time of day.