All the ONE-derful ways to celebrate turning ONE.....

If you like the concept of a cake smash but would like to do something a little different, here are some alternative cake ideas you might like.

Watermelon Smash

This refreshing and healthy cake smash alternative sets the scene for you to incorporate some lovely colors into the shoot that can be extended you’re your baby’s outfit and your décor.

Donut Smash

This fun alternative doesn’t tend to be as messy and the wide variety of donuts that are available allow you to add a playful touch to baby’s first birthday photoshoot.

Cool Whip Smash

There’s something so adorable about seeing a baby’s face covered in frosting, hence the appeal of the cake smash. If you’re looking to use something a little different that has the same effect, cool whip is a great alternative.

Spaghetti Smash

It’s hard to find a little one that doesn’t enjoy a bowl of delicious spaghetti, so why not use it to capture some great photos of them on their first birthday. Plus, at least you know they will definitely eat it if they already enjoy it.

Yogurt Smash

If you know that your little one is an artist in the making, buy a plastic paint palette and add dollops of different color yogurts to it for your baby to enjoy and get messy with.