So you're thinking about Picture Day?

It's much like picture day in public schools, but way more fun and interactive.

Here are some sneak peeks at what picture day actually looks like, some commonly asked questions from administrators, and all the details you need to know when considering raising money for your early childhood education centre with a Picture Day Fundraiser from the studio.


Lunenburg Daycare Centre

Lunenburg Daycare Centre has now hosted 2 Picture Day Fundraisers at their school and is excited for the 2024 year.


How much does it cost?

There is absolutely no cost to your centre to host a 'Picture Day" Fundraiser at your school.

So how do we raise money?

When your families receive their child's gallery, they may choose to purchase images if they wish. Each photo they select from their galleries is $15 and 25% of the gross sales will be given back to your school in cash. Families love them so much, its not uncommon for them to make multiple purchases.

How long does it take to receive our galleries?

Your families will receive their private online proofing gallery 7-10 days after picture day.

Do you take class photos?

The picture day sets are not large enough to offer class photos, however we can accommodate small sibling groups.

How are the photos are delivered?

For each photo that your families select from their galleries, they will receive the high resolution digital file sent directly to their email address.

Do offer prints?

Your families will receive the high resolution digital files when they purchase a photo. Included is a full print release so they can create as many sizes and quantities at a printer that is local to them.

How long does Picture Day take?

Set up starts at 730am so Picture Day will be ready to commence by 830am. Most schools with 60 or less children can be completed before nap time. For larger schools, after nap we will resume and finish up with the remaining children.

When will we receive our cheque?

The galleries remain open for orders for 2 weeks following the group gallery delivery date. Cheques or etransfers will be sent to you approximately 3 weeks from your Picture Day.

How many fundraisers can we do in a year?

Most schools like to host two throughout the year. One in the spring to capture all of their graduates and another in the fall or winter.

What does a proofing gallery look like?

Each proofing gallery will contain several photos of each child. These photos have not yet been edited. As families make their selections the photos will be transformed into the finished product. The studio offers custom editing on all photos purchased.

How do we select a day for our Picture Day?

You can use this link below to access the studio calendar.
Through this link you will find the available days, and as you select which one(s) work for your school, you will be prompted with a questionnaire that helps the studio get to know you better.

How do we choose a backdrop?

Upon booking your Picture Day you will receive a link to the backdrop gallery. You can select which backdrop you like and the studio will bring it along with the corresponding props and seating.

Why can't we see a sample gallery?

Privacy is of the utmost importance to the studio. Your photos will never be shared outside of your school, and will never be used for advertising purposes.

Our families have questions, can you help?

Absolutely. You've got an important job to do, and we don't want to create more work for you and your staff! The studio will show each family how to access, navigate, and order from their galleries. If at any point they have questions let them know they can reach the studio at Email inquiries will be answered in 2-3 business days.

What if we already have a photographer?

That's great! The studio doesn't require you to sign exclusivity contracts and thinks the more the merrier. You can still host a seasonal fundraiser in addition to your normal scheduled picture day.

Didn't find the information you're looking for?

I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Send the studio a message using the form beside.

Or you can schedule a call here:

Newborn and Children's Portrait artist

Get to know me...

That's me and my kids on the left. I run a busy little portrait studio out of my home in Middleton, NS. In 2018, I trained as a corporate volume photographer to be able to offer Picture Day in schools. When I'm not working in schools or in my studio, I use my art to help raise money for community projects. I help organizations such as the Rotary Club's Valley Faces of Business. A publication that raises money to build parks, offer scholarship programs, and so much more. I take great pride in giving back.