About Me

I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, but decided on a whim to move to Middleton, NS. After a recent visit to the Annapolis Valley, I fell in love with the area. In the spring of 2018, myself, my husband, and my two small children, and of course our dog, loaded up our mini-van and began our journey across Canada. Wanting a quieter life and a safe, friendly, neighbourhood to raise our children, Middleton was a natural choice.

Having always enjoyed pulling out old photo albums and sifting through them with family, my love of photography truly began in 1995. On a family trip to the islands of Oahu and Kauai, I was gifted my first camera and snapped pictures of nearly everyone and everything! In 2003, after a recent experience with a local newborn photographer and in part being inspired by Anne Geddes, I began set and prop design for my own photo shoots featuring babies. Later I pursued photography courses that taught me the basics of film photography, dark room developing, and creating various effects without the use of Photoshop. Now in the age of digital photography, I am predominately self taught. Constantly studying images, editing and re-editing, and practicing, I also moderate a group of like minded women all across North America. Thus, giving resource opportunities for other photographers to grow their passion.

You can find me around the community incorporating photoshoots into fundraising initiatives for local non profits, showcasing my wildlife, fine art, and conceptual photography in local galleries, and of course chasing after my children.